A guide to roadtripping Montenegro


The Route

  • This took around 6 days, I’d say we’re probably on the faster end of the scale
  • It’s a wonderful mix of scenery, from the alps of the north, down into the flat highland summer pastures and finally the coast and the Bay of Kotor with it’s greco-italian charm


  • Land into Podgorica and pick up hire car (we paid an extra 30eur for a border crossing)
  • Cruise for a few hours up to Kalasan, lunch at Konoba (the kacamak - cheesy potato - is tasty)



  • Camp out at Biogradska national park (you can pitch anywhere, just go and pay at the park office)
  • The restaurant closes around 6pm, so make sure to eat early if you don’t have food (good mountain goulash)
  • There’s one main hiking trail out of Biogradska, up past the toilet block, it’ll take you to a high pasture with grazing horses, a small bar, and a viewpoint.. probably a 5hr round trip



  • Camp at AutoCamp Mlinski, just outside Zlablajak in Durmitor
  • For walking, first drive up the road to Sedlo (go early, as the car park fills up fast), there’ll be a park ranger who’ll charge you ~ £3pp for a permit
  • From Sedlo there’s a great 5 to 6hr (roundtrip) hike to the top of Bobotov Kuk, the views are incredible and the paths well marked

Bay of Kotor


  • The road from Durmitor to Kotor is pretty epic, winding down through the high pastures to the coast
  • Watch out for mad drivers - it’s a beautiful drive, but it’s not relaxing
  • Camping v1 at AutoCamp Naluka
  • Swing round to Herceg Novi for a coffee with the locals in one of the bustling squares
  • Perast is the most peaceful - and probably most beautiful - place to stop, as they don’t let cars through the village… good for a fishy lunch
  • Worth checking out Kotor itself for an afternoon, with cheap beers and lovely plazas
  • Camping v2 at Camping Mimoza (or, there seemed to be a nicer one called Kascelan just up the road), this part of the bay is idyllic - a single track road is the only thing separating the sea from charming white-brick, green-shuttered houses
  • For the quietest part of the bay, check out the Lustica peninsula, with swimming around Mirista Beach (watch out for sea urchins though), it’s a bit of a shift to get here

Cross the Border

  • Blast down, stopping at Budva, and then across the border; the road’s not quite fully finished down here so it’ll be steady
  • This is where we went in Albania

Other Tips

  • AutoCamp Razvršje sells Coleman style gas, which is useful if you have a stove